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GSI Certification

Welcome to This website will serve as an outlet for those looking to learn more about the types of services GSI Certification offers as well as what the company stands for. Below we will break down GSI Certification’s lab services, grading reports, education, and research:

Lab Services

The lab services from GSI Certification starts with expert soring. There’s nothing more important in color and clarity sorting than accuracy. The GSI Certification sorting process offers consistency by leveraging science.  It’s no secret that the reason gemstones are so valuable is that they are so rare. The rarity of gems means the most minute difference can have a huge impact on the overall value of the gemstone.

The second lab service from GSI Certification is grading. When it comes to grading, the lab services offered by GSI Certification can determine the precise cut, carat, color and clarity of each unique gemstone. Whether it be diamond or another type of gem, companies entrust GSI Certification to provide accurate values. There are several factors to consider, but value is often enhanced by the size of the gemstone and the rarity. Grading doesn’t necessarily provide insight into the beauty of the gemstone. There’s a reason the saying “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.” With that being said, grading does provide a rather accurate interpretation of the net worth of each individual gemstone.

Next up for GSI Certification lab services is identification. A lot of gemstones come with a lot of promise, but they may not be as valuable as the owner believes them to be. In some cases, they end up being a lot more valuable than the owner could have ever imagined. Having the experts at GSI Certification identify the authenticity of the gem as well as the type is pivotal to determining a true value. One of the best ways to look at identification is to consider the ruby. To most, if a gem is red, it’s a ruby. However, a red gemstone could be a couple of different gem species. Also, rubies are amongst the most popular gemstones in terms of reproduction. While imitation may be flattering, it can also result in plummeting monetary values.

GSI Certification offers a scientific light analysis in their evaluations of gems. The absorption spectra of any given gem is how color is determined.  All light that hits a gemstone is absorbed at an atomic level. By directing white light directly into a gem, gemologists can match the absorption rates to a rainbow of colors.

Grading Reports

With anything as valuable as rare gemstones, both buyers and sellers want to ensure that they are getting the proper value for their spending or selling dollar. GSI Certification provides several different grading reports to provide information on everything from the color and cut to the clarity and the weight. Different reports will be administered based on the original source of the gemstone. For instance, all diamonds grown in a laboratory will be marked and graded as such. A lot of companies will use GSI Certification to create branded reports. GSI Certification routinely features their client’s custom logo on their grading reports.


Those who wish to know more about how the value of diamonds are determined can take advantage of GSI certification offering education services on their website as well as in different seminars throughout the year. There’s a lot of skepticism in the diamond industry. Everyone involved wants to make sure they can protect themselves and their investments through truly understanding how to determine the value of diamonds and other gemstones. GSI Certification can give anyone a breakdown on the 4Cs – cut, color, carat weight, and clarity.


GSI Certification is committed to researching everything about the past of the gemstone industry in order to get a better outlook of what’s to come. The experts at GSI certification will continue to research the capacity, value, consumption, production and forecast of gemstone market.